Ruth Lewis Cole

Ruth Lewis Cole

I am a peak performance coach.    I operate from the premise that we all have natural talents.   Best performance comes when what I am doing is based on my unique natural talents.   My genius will never emerge when I am seeking to copy someone else that I admire.  However if I understand what I am best at,  how I get things done, and what is most important to me,  I can design roles for myself that lean into my strengths.

Understanding what I am best at is self awareness.  Designing roles that lean into my strengths is authenticity.  The 5th level coaching process I take you through helps you build your self awareness and authenticity so that you can achieve your highest level of performance and satisfaction.

I work with people who would like to get paid for something they enjoy doing.   They know that what they are doing now does not fill that bill and they want to make a change.  They are hard workers who are open to options.  I help them formulate a clear picture of what they want and how to get there.

I work with people who are successful at what they do but they do not like doing it.  They are spending their time working to build someone else’s dream rather than investing their time to achieve what is most important to them.  I help them find options that work better for them.

I can help you develop certainty about what you want and I can guide you through a process whereby you can clarify what is your unique and valuable service so that you can build a role for yourself that fits you to a tee.

I can help you be the authentic you, the productive you so that you become more YOU.