Is your thinking muddled because of self-deception?


Oh, what a tangled web we weave...

Sir Walter Scott was right when he said, “Oh, what a tangled web we weave, when first we practice to deceive.” How can we get so muddled in our thinking that we don’t know the first place to start to untangle the strands taking us  nowhere?  It’s a bit like a very messy room.  If we can’t get a handle on what to do, we do nothing.  And things don’t improve.  They further deteriorate. Tangled thinking, on the other hand,  is worse than a messy room.  With a messy room anything you clear away makes things better.  If you continue to clear away one pile after another on a regular basis, eventually you will see a dent in the mess and that alone is an incentive to clear up the big mess.  What is different with tangled thinking?  Tangled thinking is a web of truth and half truth, or complete fabrication.  So the first order of business  requires separating out the truth from the half truth and the half truth from the fabrication.  That takes insight.  It takes being brutally honest about what you know to be true and what you accept because it is second nature.

Untangling the web will only happen if living with the deception gets intolerable.  It all comes back to “You get what you accept.”

How do we identify that there is deception lurking in our internal messes?  Here’s one clue: we cannot make rational sense of where we are going with our thinking.  That calls for sorting out what we know for sure and what we are not sure about.  If there is the tiniest bit of light, go for it.  Stay close by it.  Let the light lead you.  Keep on that track.  Ask for more light.  The smallest candle can light a dark room.

What is your tolerance for living with deception which you may experience as disconnects in your life?  Do you want to resolve those disconnects?  Do you want to build your life on what is true?  It’s a decision only you can make.

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