Where there is life, there is hope


Hope is like apple blossoms

Hope is like apple blossoms

What does hope do for me? It let’s me know I’m alive.  It keeps me wanting to live.  It gives me courage when I’m afraid.  It strengthens my resolve to persevere.  It keeps me focused on my goals.  It gives me confidence to take the next step.  It provides a foundation for my search for meaning.

What does hope feel like? It feels light.  It feels encouraging.  It feels affirming.  It feels right.

Where is hope in the darkest night? It’s inside me.  It’s outside me.  It’s beside me.  It’s around me.

How do I recognize the presence of hope? I see it in your eyes.   I feel it in your touch.  I hear it in your voice.  I breath it in from your fragrance.

Hope is like tulips in springtime, white apple blossoms in full bloom, lilies of the valley opening their eyes along the driveway, colorful prairie flowers adorning a rock garden.

Hope comes from a phone call from a friend who understands, a greeting card from someone who cares,  a quiet assurance from an internal presence letting me know it’s going to be okay, a happening that let’s me know I’m being cared for that I didn’t orchestrate.

What do you do if you have no hope? Run and find someone who has it.  Ask them to share it with you.

Nothing is more compelling than hope.

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