When you are no longer asking whether, the how becomes clear.

What do I do when my activity does not yield the results that I hoped for? I can’t see any difference in my outcomes even though I’ve been intentional in my activities? I can choose to keep on keeping on or revert to old thinking that wasn’t going anywhere.

And what would prompt me to keep on going?

It all depends on what I think will happen if I don’t quit. And this hinges on whether I believe in myself.

Turns out there are lots of things I need to do that I don’t yet have the full capacity to do. But the process of getting into action can change all that. Part of it depends on my perspective. I may be ruling out the essential change by how I define my situation.

So, let’s see. I can wait around for a change of thinking, or I can keep on doing what I believe, all the while hoping for a new perspective.

A funny thing happens. My doing triggers my thinking in new ways. The fog begins to clear. I can see another step to take. I think I’ll take it.

I have decided that I have yet to reach my fullest potential.  And that I will not quit pursuing that goal as long as I have strength to keep on.  I am looking for folks who have the same mindset, folks who want to make that journey and who want partners along the way.  I believe we can learn from each other.

Recently I heard someone say, “Strength comes not from skill but from our indomitable will.”  While I believe that at the most basic level our strength comes from the Lord, I  believe that on a human level our strength does indeed come from a place deep within us, a place far deeper than skills come from.  We can develop skills to get us through doing what needs to be done if we have a good enough reason.  But a longer term solution is to find a way to get things done that is based on what’s there already.

Someone else said that adversity has a way of introducing us to ourselves.  There are things about me that I will never know until I have been tested.  Learning what is inside myself gives me the confidence that I need to keep going when things are tough.

So, my word to myself and to you if you are listening is, dig down and find out what’s inside you.  And give thanks to God who made you exactly how you are for this.

Life is about choices.   Consider this:

“A simple, positive action, repeated over time.

A simple error in judgment, repeated over time.

You can always count on the Slight Edge.  And unless you make it work for you, the Slight Edge will work against you.”

from Jeff Olson’s The Slight Edge.

Loving your life happens when you repeat positive attititudes and actions intentionally day after day.  That’s what this blog is for.  It’s a place to exercise some “yes’  thinking in a world of  “no”.  If you like that idea share your thoughts and journey with others who are looking for companions.