I have some good news for you! You get to choose!


I  know what happens.

You got pumped.   You could see yourself making the final turn to cross the finish line.  You could see yourself on stage to receive the award.   You could see the approval in the eyes of people you respected.  You could hear the music, the applause of genuine recognition.  You could feel the inner satisfaction of knowing that you overcame your fears to venture out of your comfort zone.

And then you woke up to where you are.  You remembered you weren’t there yet.  You remembered what still had to be done, the people that were driving you crazy, the situations that seemed daunting.  And you thought, why did I ever think…

And here’s where the good news comes in.  You get to choose what you’re going to pay attention to.

So how do you decide?  I’m so glad you asked.  Well, let’s try a couple ways to look at this.  If I were to have you fill in the blank, how would you complete this statement?  All I really want is  ……………..

Or, how about this?  Imagine yourself continuing on your present course in life.  You make no major adjustments to the patterns you have established.  Where will you end up?   What’s the best scenario?  What’s the worst scenario?

Now imagine yourself choosing to do something different, something really outrageous, something that you’ve not done before, something that calls for you to be a better person, something that calls for you to use more of your talent, something that requires more commitment.  What’s the worst scenario?  What’s the best scenario?

I’m here to tell you that what you pay attention to matters.

And the good news is that you get to choose.

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