It takes the right tool!


Remember me telling you about the post removal a couple weeks ago.  Well, this is the tool it took to get that post out.   Of course, what you see here is not the post.  It’s a large tree stump that Randy removed with his stone picker the same day he pulled out the post.    Sometimes what you have on hand is not enough.  Sometimes your ingenuity  is not enough.  Sometimes, you need something more.  Sometimes the “miracle” comes when you recognize that you don’t have what it takes.   You need help.

And that’s when some of us quit.

It really doesn’t matter how strong we are.  We all have limitations.  And we all need help at times.  And we definitely all need tools.

The questions is.  What kind of tools do you need?  And do you need help?  Are you willing to invest in tools?  Are you willing to ask for help?

I wonder why some of us don’t want to get the proper tools?

I wonder why we don’t readily ask for help?

Could it be that we think we ought to be completely self sufficient?

Could it be our pride?

Just wondering…

The right tool used by the skilled operator sure made a difference for us.

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