Life happens, and I am grateful.


When I consider the options, I choose life, without any doubt.   But that means that I have to be prepared for the ups and the downs.  And clearly there are lots of both.  Let’s see.  In the last two weeks I have been to a 25 year wedding anniversary open house, a high school graduation party, a Memorial Day service and a funeral.  We helped our 24 year old son build a queen size bed with three bench shelves to save space in a new apartment where he has moved because his college roommate who has graduated is getting married this month.

Our air conditioner was out of commission on a couple of hot days and we spent a few days considering how we were going to pull together the price for a new air conditioning system.  Fortunately it didn’t come to that.  Turns out the thermostat had gone bad.  That being replaced we are good to go, better than ever.  Oh yes, one more.  We replaced our 25 year old dryer, a story all its own, to make taking care of our clothes ever so much easier.

Why run down these events, these happenings?  All of us have our own tales to tell, our own ups and downs.

Well, it’s because life happens, and we have a choice about how we are going to respond to it.  There is nothing we can do about much of it.  We only get to choose the attitude we have toward what happens.

And I choose to be grateful.

For starters, I’m grateful for life.  I’m grateful for memories, for smiles, for many small and large kindnesses.  I’m grateful for challenges to keep me alert, for strength to keep on going.  Most of all I’m grateful to God, the giver of life and every perfect gift.

There’s really no better way to express my gratefulness than to say, Thank You!

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