The Authentic You

As a peak performance coach I help you grow in self awareness and authenticity.  I do this by using the 5th level coaching process to help you apply your life to achieving what is most important to you.   And I work with you when you choose to quit settling for what is in exchange for what could be.

I empower you to change your role or for specific limited engagements to  knowingly stay in a role that is not completely authentic to you in order to accomplish your chosen objectives.  The key here is choice.  You get to choose.  You are not a victim.  Your greatest productivity will come when you align your roles with the authentic you.  When you have the proper understanding of you, you can make the best alignment for a productive you.

If you would like to get started on a track where you can love your life, I invite you to take the Pre Assessment tool on the whatsyourgenius website.  For a free consultation contact me at