Success is impossible So we react with criticism.  We think life should be easier than it is.
Success is mystical So we find it elusive.  Success is not a secret.  Principles of success have been known for centuries.
Success comes from luck So we hope for it.  We think it comes from being at the right place at the right time.  But hope is not a strategy.  Success comes from consistently putting ourselves in the place where we can learn and grow.
Success comes from productivity So we work hard for it.  We begin to neglect other things that are important in our life.   Priorities are what must guide our actions, not productivity.
Success comes from opportunity So we wait for it.  We need to listen, read, associate, counsel.
Success comes from power So we leverage our resources.  Force never produces long term results.
Success comes from connections So we build relationships to manipulate.
Success comes from recognition So we strive for it.  While recognition is a good thing, activity that is geared toward recognition misses the mark.
Success is an event So we schedule it.  Success comes from many private unglamorous days following a process – the process will take us where we want to go.
Notes taken from talk by Skip Ross 5/17/2010 Summer Conference in Dallas