Are you asking whether, or how?


When you are no longer asking whether, the how becomes clear.

What do I do when my activity does not yield the results that I hoped for? I can’t see any difference in my outcomes even though I’ve been intentional in my activities? I can choose to keep on keeping on or revert to old thinking that wasn’t going anywhere.

And what would prompt me to keep on going?

It all depends on what I think will happen if I don’t quit. And this hinges on whether I believe in myself.

Turns out there are lots of things I need to do that I don’t yet have the full capacity to do. But the process of getting into action can change all that. Part of it depends on my perspective. I may be ruling out the essential change by how I define my situation.

So, let’s see. I can wait around for a change of thinking, or I can keep on doing what I believe, all the while hoping for a new perspective.

A funny thing happens. My doing triggers my thinking in new ways. The fog begins to clear. I can see another step to take. I think I’ll take it.

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